March 31, 2008

My Adventure with Sparky

The weather around Austin has been so gloomy lately, I'm hoping the sun will show his face soon. How I miss him!
As I said before, Saturday shopping was unsuccessful. Despite my denunciation of all things new, I took a little trip to World Market on Sunday afternoon and had a little success to feel good about. I will say, however, that the setting and products at World Market makes me feel as if I'm buying something charming, made long ago. I bought some of those clean, white, ridged bowls that might hold a little torte or Creme Brule. Lovely white bowls!
Over the past few days I've been talking nonstop about my country house, established 1895 just outside of Lockhart. Daniel has been quick to say, "hold your horses, you are getting out of control." But, between you and me, I think all of my talk is not in vain! Last night I sat the man down and we looked at pictures of the house and it's surrounding land. It was approximately 7:15 in the evening and the sun was setting. Suddenly he jumped up and said, "Let's go see it right now!"
"My love," I said, "It's nearly dark. We won't be able to see a thing by the time we get out there. Perhaps another time?"
My protests were useless, however, and the next thing I knew we were in the car headed for the little city of Lockhart. An hour later we were sitting in the dark with our headlights reflecting off of a metal gate, blocking the drive.
"Well," I said with a bright tone in my voice, "At least we know how far away it is!"
It was a nice drive, and from downtown where we both work it would be between 30-45 minutes. We had a few rays of sunlight left as we drove in to Lockhart, and the landscape was green, open, and covered in wild flowers. While I'm having visions of a wrap around porch and a garden with a greenhouse, Daniel is loving the wide open spaces and room to build more.
It may only be a crazy dream, but oh, wouldn't it be wonderful? I told Daniel not to crush my romanticized ideas about the place just yet, and he's respected that thus far.
People keep telling me, "You know, it will be so much work! You may have to tear the place down!"
Yes. I know it will be a lot of work. I know I'll be far away from city life and all that, but I think that is just what I want. I've been digging around the internet reading the blogs of people who are rennovating/restoring old homes, I've been reading articles and visiting websites about the process, and I'm only feeling more convinced that it will be a blessing in the end.

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  1. aw i still think its cool of him to want to go out there!