April 7, 2008

All By Myself

I've been tackling a gargantuan mountain of laundry for the past several hours. At least laundry is a relatively mindless task, so I can sit and watch silly TV shows while I work. And cry.
Our laundry room is also flooded because our A/C is leaking. Yeah, the A/C we've already had "fixed."
My beloved is in Midland, TX tonight, and I am here all my lonesome...I've had three Dr. Peppers to ease the pain of separation. And I'm still going strong. It's only nine.
My retards are sprawled out on the living room floor; they kind of look dead sometimes and I get a little scared inside. So I get up and poke them a couple of times. Then they growl at me and I feel better.
The reason I'm doing this Everest of laundry is because Daniel and I are packing up our retarded dogs and moving out for five days. One of our "couple friends" has asked us to watch their children while they go party in Mexico, celebrating law school graduations and such. Why did they ask Daniel and me to watch their precious babes? Well, as you know, because I am a responsible, trustworthy person who treats the children of others as if they were my own...right???

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