April 4, 2008

I'm Hungry.

I've been staring at that picture of amazing apple pie that I made. Yes, I said it: I made something amazing. And I'm craving it right about now.

I whipped one up last night for our book study (which has really turned into a weekly dinner party...), and as everyone was finishing up their lasagna and salad (my beautiful friend Annie makes an amazing salad...and if you know me, you know it's a really, really big deal for me to say a salad is good), the pie was coming out of the oven.

My other beautiful friend (I have a lot of beautiful friends, okay?) Bianca and I served up the pie in bowls with gobs of Cool Whip. (I know I'm overdoing the parentheticals today, but it is just one of those days. Leave me alone. Beautiful Annie [the one I told you about who makes the amazing salad], could eat a whole tub of Cool Whip. She just likes it that much).
Well, while I was busy passing out bowls of gooey goodness, Nick (he's this really nice guy that comes to out book study) cries with delight, "Who is responsible for this heaven of apple goodness?!"
Well, garsh, tee hee.
That made me feel pretty good. Good enough to tell you, my faithful friends and readers, all about it. And you may say, "Karen, you are showing an appaling lack of humility. In fact, you are tootin' your own horn."
And all I can really say to that is: I know.


  1. I'm missin you too, meat. I don't think i've ever called you that, but whatev- i can roll with it. :) oh, and i want a piece of pie please. Yummy.

  2. It's an honor to be able to read about the beautiful people (and to read the parenthetical remarks about them [even the nested parentheticals--which, by the way, are unnecessary--that delve more deeply into their beautiful lives] and the beautiful things they do) in your life.

    Okay, I think I confused myself.