May 27, 2008

the issue is not certain

On Saturday I was pacing around my apartment complaining that my three-day weekend was wasting away before my eyes. My friends were at work or out of town, my husband was feeling unwell and sleeping, and my relatives were recovering furniture. The day ended with very little activity...a trip to Sonic for a half-price drink and me making green-chili chicken enchiladas are the only real highlights. The enchiladas turned out great, in case you were wondering. Out of necessity, I tweaked the recipe replacing the heavy whipping cream with sour cream and I really, really liked it. Num.

I was despairing a little bit, though. Was this my three-day weekend???

Well the next day we went to church where I was reunited with my Sunday morning friends and I quickly started trying to find out what plans I could make. It turned out great! We went to REI and to Deep Eddy and had some good kielbasa for dinner. Oh, and I had a few more heavenly mud slides.
Monday was even better. Daniel and I had a leisurely morning and met up with our good friend Shane at Kerbey Lane cafe for a late breakfast. We did it totally old school/diner style and ate at the bar. It was so fun. After Kerbey we met up with my Sunday morning friends again and went to Zilker Park (which was RIDICULOUSLY overrun with people). We played frisbee in the HOT, HOT sun and the boys took a dip in the water. I didn't get in the water because, frankly, it smelled like poopy diapers. There were a lot of people there.
The rest of the evening we spent hanging out at a pool and eating Rudy's barbeque. It was a full, tiring day and I felt like my three-day weekend was well-spent and full of fun.
What a relief!

You want to know something funny? Those times when I get so bored and antsy and Daniel is busy doing other things, all I have to do is pick up a book and start reading. Without fail, Daniel will stop what he's doing and come distract me. It's like a reflex or something and I'm just starting to notice this behavioral pattern. On Saturday when I had finally resigned myself to boredom, I remembered, "Oh! I haven't finished my book yet! Hurray! Something fun to do!"
I curled up on the couch with my big Sonic drink and opened my book. Within five minutes, sure enough my husband who had been sick and playing dead all morning decided to come in the room, turn on the TV and start talking to me.
Last night, I went to bed a little early because Daniel was in the other room working. I thought, "Here! My chance to read!"
I got under the covers with a cool glass of water and opened my book, ready to read for an hour or so.
Within five minutes, here he comes! He jumps into bed with me and starts cuddling and being TOTALLY distracting. It wasn't long before I gave up on trying to read.
Three days this weekend I tried to read my book, and I'm about 5 pages beyond where I was on Friday. I can't read around Daniel! It's like he just won't have it! And he doesn't even know he's doing it. Even if I'm very surreptitious about my reading, it's like a sensor goes off in his head that I'm trying to read and he comes and FINDS me the minute I open a book.
It's kind of funny.
And kind of drives me CRAZY.

Good thing I can read all day at work :)

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  1. He was all cuddly that last time and you couldnt finish reading. WHAT HAPPENED THEN??? ;-)