May 19, 2008

It Simply CAN'T be Monday!

What a fun, packed weekend!
While it is wonderful that so many of my high school classmates graduated from college this weekend, it also reminds me that it has now been 4 years since I graduated. I've been out of Hill Country as many years as it took me to survive it. I'm still the only one married, I think!
My husband was in the class above me, but his younger brother Josh is my age and was in my class. He's going to marry my good friend Janean (who was also in my class) in about seven weeks, and I will no longer be the only one married. And I will have a new sister.
And you can bet that I'll be posting some pictures of that momentous occasion.
So many people moan about all the wedding preparations and the planning, but I really have the best memories of my special day. I think I'm able to say that because my immediate family, the one I married into, and our churches are armies of loving servants who worked tirelessly to make everything beautiful and glorifying to the Lord.
And here I am, happily, happily married, so all the hard work paid off!
I've completely gotten off course here...
Here's what I did this weekend: graduation party, sleep, church, Changos!, graduation party, coffee with my best friend, went to Bianca's, sleep...and now it's Monday.
Friday night was fun as well. Daniel did something shocking: he made me dinner.
Then we watched No Country for Old Men. I really love this movie. I know I've said that already. But it's true.
It wasn't so bad without the airplane edits. There were only a couple of completely gross things, but I scotch-taped my eyes open and quietly muttered to myself: "itsnotrealblood, itsnotrealblood, thatholeinhislegisjustmakeup...reallygoodmakeup."

At the first graduation party we went to I was a self-proclaimed unofficial photographer, and I had the time of my life!
That picture below of Hope Ashley, who I only wish was my own child, is from the party. The place was crawling with children and craw fish and it was the most fun ever!!! After dark we started up a giant fire in the fire pit and sat around and sang songs while Shane strummed his guitar and the slightly inebriated graduate delivered loving "thank-you" speeches. It was great fun!

Karen had one too many heavenly Mud Slides and was singing her heart out--something completely out of character for her. And everyone had a good laugh about her the next day, and they are probably still laughing today. But was she embarrassed? No. Because she was just being REAL.

Today it's going to get up to 95 degrees

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