May 29, 2008


I don't know why I'm writing right now because I'm really not feelin' it. I have nothing to say. Nothing to talk about.
I'll tell you this: my puppies are really fun and cute. I wish I could put them in my pocket and take them everywhere instead of leaving them at home in their bathroom dungeon all day, but that's just not plausible.
When I first got Fletcher he was so tiny and fit in a little bag, and I'd take him everywhere with me. I kept a little bowl of water and food in the bag's pockets, and I'd tote him around. I'd take him and his tiny bladder outside every thirty minutes for some fresh air. A few times I carried him around the mall in his bag. For a while this worked, but then he started to be more of an active puppy than a sleeping baby, and then he thought he needed to be out of the bag seeing everyone and greeting them, and he's scratch and whine against the mesh opening, begging for freedom. He hardly ever barked. It wasn't until we got baby Kingsley that the barking began...and 8 months later it hasn't stopped.
Kingsley's life has been vastly different than Fletcher's. Fletcher was spoiled rotten, the center of attention, taken everywhere, hardly ever left alone, and treated like a little prince. Kingsley's been treated more like...a dog. But don't get me wrong. He's still spoiled rotten.
I think that because of Fletcher's childhood, he's developed all kinds of disorders and issues. Things that Kingsley will never have to deal with. Kingsley know's he's a dog, and he's okay with that. He like to sleep at the foot of the bed or on the floor. He's a little rough and likes to growl and bark and chew on shoes and beat up Fletcher. But Fletcher is confused. He thinks he's a little human, but he doesn't understand why he can't sleep draped across my neck or snuggled in between Daniel and me like he did as a 2 pound infant (although, once we're asleep that's usually where he ends up). He doesn't understand why he doesn't get taken everywhere in a purse anymore and he has no idea who this new creature is called "kingsley" who likes to wrestle him to the ground and bite his ears.
I must say, he's growing up a lot though. He's actually starting to play and he's learning how to defend himself against Kingsley's sneaky attacks. But he still reverts to that cowering little angel that gingerly crawls into your lap and puts his head on your chest, begging for your love and attention.
Kingsley, on the other hand, flings his body against you and smothers you with his pink tongue. If you're not quick enough he'll shove that tongue up your nose before you've even realized what's happened. It's gross.
My puppies are special.

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