June 6, 2008

From My Lunch Break

I wrote the blog below yesterday while I was on my lunch break. Today, I'm at Panera Bread Company munching on a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich and appreciating Free Wi-Fi more than ever.

As I write this, I’m sitting in Barnes & Noble sipping a CafĂ© Vanilla Frappucino. I was hoping to get on the Internet and blog a bit during my lunch hour, but alas, I’m in one of those awful places that charge you to use their Wifi. The public, due to these unfortunate circumstances, might never see this unofficial blog, but you never know.

Today has been sort of a whirlwind! I got to work this morning, and the next thing I knew it was 1:30 and I still hadn’t taken a lunch. I really like days like this, actually. They go by so fast.

Lately Daniel and I have had an evening habit of getting into bed and watching reruns of The Mary Tyler Moore Show on http://www.hulu.com/. It’s something I’ve come to really enjoy! For one thing, I get to cuddle up next to my boyfriend/husband/handsome guy. For another thing, I enjoy seeing the culture and ideology of another time.

For example: last night we watched one where Mary realized that in order to pay the bills, she’d either have to get a raise or get another job!!! Ideally, she wanted to continue working with Lou and Ted and all the guys, but they just couldn’t give her a raise. In order to figure out where she might be able to cut costs and keep her current job, she drew up a budget.

And get this: she budgeted $3.00 a month for gasoline.

Three dollars.





A month.

Gas is, like, $4.00 a gallon right now.

I had to pause the show and make a big deal about that.

Thinking about the fact that she paid less money for gas in a YEAR than I spend on a single tank of gas kind of made me want to scream. And cry. And punch myself in the face. Eight times.


We watch MTM and Daniel laughs and laughs at the anchorman Ted Baxter and I comment on how cute Mary and Rhoda and Phyllis’s clothes are…except for those sweaters that Rhoda wears. Those are pretty frumpy.

Good times.


  1. Mary Tyler Moore was one of my favorite shows when I was ... younger than your age. Glad you like it.

  2. It was one of my favorite one's too and before that, it was the "Dick Van Dyke" show. Real, good, clean humor. I used to go on dates in high school where we would go to get gas first and my date would put 10 cents worth of gas to last him a couple of days. NOW THAT'S BIZARRE!!!