July 11, 2008

all by my lonesome.

I'm feeling a little depressed today.

I know what you're thinking. I'm the perkiest, happiest, most optimistic person you've ever met. So what's the deal, fool?

Well, it's Friday. And that would typically be cause for much rejoicing and giddy giggling and tickle fights, but alas, it's not.
I'm sitting here at work, guess what? Working. And my entire department worked a half day so they could do silly things like drive to the beach or run home and meet the pool boy. And here I am. Guess what? Working.
So it gets a little depressing sitting here in this empty office, working while everyone else is out running on the beach or having secret rendevous.
And to make matters oh-so-much worse, Daniel's been given every Friday until Labor Day off, paid vacation.

He sucks. But I'm not jealous!
I'd rather be at work than being idle for an entire day. Every week.

Okay--I'm interrupting this post to announce that the phone just rang, and the caller ID read: Incarnacion.
In-car-na-ha-ce-ooooonnn! Doodle deedle doodle doooo!

Daniel's at an all day bachelor party for his brother Josh, which entails golfing and barbequeing and no girls allowed. Not that I want to be there. But that means I go home to sit and stare at the wall with my two puppies and think about how good life was when my friends didn't all have plans on Friday night that don't involve me.

Until then, I'm here at work. Guess what? Blogging.

Tomorrow I'm spending the day with my little bros who are in town from oh, Eastern Europe. I'm feeling a little intimidated because the pressure is on to be somewhat entertaining, and so far I'm failing. Pretty bad.
They wanted to go out on the lake, and I failed to set that up. They wanted to go toobing on the river, and I failed to arrange that.
Right now I'm hoping they'll be happy running around in cirles in the 140-degree heat while Fletcher and Kingsley chase them.
Totally kidding, we're going to have a crazy fun time...although it might not be as fun as The Cruise they're going on in 2 days.
Everyone has more fun than me.

I'll take pictures.


  1. Tell the boys "Hi" from James and I...if they can remember us. Hope you have a fantastic weekend. Fridays suck!-- Kari