July 17, 2008

The Final Countdown

From Film Critic Kyle Smith's review of The Dark Knight:

As was true of the blundering Hancock in the comedy of the same name, Batman can’t claim public love. His approval ratings are in the tank. Maybe he should stop inviting terrorist attacks by being such an inflexible anti-terrorist. Maybe he should be locked up while people learn to live with the Joker. Isn’t it Batman’s fault that cops have been killed in action?
“I’m a guy with simple tastes. I enjoy dynamite and gunpowder and gasoline,” says the Joker. Okay, and as for the turn-ons of Bachelor No. 2, the Dark Knight has equally explosive interests. He sets up a system for monitoring pretty much everyone, everywhere. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” he says. That shuddery feeling going through the audience doesn’t arise solely from Ledger’s death. Batman lives in a messy world. If no one else is willing to make hard choices, he will.

Most of you may know this, but the much anticipated Dark Knight is released in theaters all over the country tomorrow. It's pretty rare that a movie gets this much buzz--largely due, I think most would admit, to Heath Ledger's suprising death earlier this year. It has also been interesting to read how hard the media is trying to push this political agenda onto it. The way this film critic puts it, I can see the correlation. But I think this may just be a coincidence: Super heroes are tough on crime. And that's something the Left just. can't. deal. with.
What would that movie look like? Batman would take away all of his anonymity and sit down, face to face with the Joker and talk things through. Then they would walk, hand in hand, off into the sunset to dwell in peace forever. And Harvey Dent would never become Two-Face.

P.S. I LOVE comic book movies. And if this Batman is half as good as Batman Begins, I'll be one happy camper.


  1. yes, I agree with what you said. I stay in the bible just about everyday... but I wish He could be all I ever thought about and EVERY decision I EVER made, big or small or miniscule.. that they would be absolutely because of Him. I wish my every second of every day was consumed by him. thats what i was getting to, i guess.

    p.s. have you tried a higher ISO on your camera? like 1000 or 1200? it works really well in indoor low light situations. cannon is really with color noise too.