July 2, 2008

Yes, I know.

I know this is the third time (count 'em: 1-2-3) I've posted today, but come on.
I didn't post at all yesterday. I was working my toosh off, that's why.

I forgot to mention...though I'll probably mention it tomorrow...that I'll be out in the boondocks all weekend. Only not so much.
Daniel's grandparents have a lakehouse...somewhere, and the whole family is hitchin' up the wagon and headed out there for the Fourth of July. We call it "The Creek."
There we'll play lots of fun games, like, "Hose-Down-Daniel's-New-Girlfriend-and-Throw-Her-on-the-Electric Fence," and "Catch Perch and Blow Them Up With Firecrackers," and "Shoot Ducks with the Potato Gun," and "Turner Yells at Everyone Because He Doesn't Want to be in the Family Photo."
At least, that's what we played on my first visit. And they made me sleep in the closet.
Sleeping in the closet isn't as bad as it sounds. It's a nice, big, closet, and when you sleep in there it's quiet and dark and quite comfortable.
It almost makes me wish I was still "the girlfriend" so I could get stuck in there for chastity's sake...almost. But this year it will be Janean's turn.
Oh yeah, this will be Janean's (future S-i-L) first visit. Should be real fun for her.

I really do love going out to The Creek. This will be my first visit as Daniel's wife, so basically...I ain't got nothin' to prove anymore! Haha!
I'm mostly looking forward to wearing jeans for three days straight and getting to take pictures of everything with my fancy shmancy camera.
The whole point of this post was to let you know that pictures are coming!
There might not be any of me though. Everytime I hand someone my camera and ask them to snap a photo they take it, look at it like I just handed them a dead raccoon I scraped off the side of the road, and say, "The screen is blank!"
I say: "Yes, I know. You actually have to look into the eye-hole."
They say: "Are you serious?!" and continue holding the camera two feet away from their face.
They snap the shot, and it's always off-center and completely out of focus.

Maybe I'll set a timer and take a photo of myself.


  1. I just gave up on asking people to use my camera to take a picture. Unless I just set the exposure and pre-focus for them beforehand. Take awesome pictures, I want to see.

  2. Yeah... they dont think its on because "the screen is black!" and I have to tell them what button to press. COME ON! I feel ya, greer. I feel ya.

  3. I think you're funny, I really, really do.
    I'm strange sometimes though.
    Your fan

  4. And I thought my family get-togethers were crazy. But we always do the new boyfriend/girlfriend/fiancee initiation. We consider it fair warning.-- Kari