August 22, 2008

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I'd like to take a moment on this auspicious occasion (my last day at the bank!) to do some free advertising for someone.
I've been wandering around Austin and the internet and great things I have found.

First of all, thanks to my new job, I am now allowed to listen to things. What I mean is, I can listen to music from the comfort of my receptionists' chair.
Because of my new freedom I have discovered Pandora. Pandora's box. And I have opened it!
But really, go to There, you can type in any artist or song you like, and Pandora will create a radio station for you that fits right in with the kind of music you like.
I love it!
I've also find out that I have pretty consistent taste in music (besides the minor lapses when I listen to Disney music and Gypsy Kings...), because listening to some of those stations is seriously like listening to my ipod!
Second of all:

Viva Chocolato!

It's a small cafe hidden away at the Domain, an upscale shopping center here in Austin. Inside you find a sort of old-world Italian feel...and they only sell (get this!): dessert, coffee and wine. We're talking Gelato and rich chocolates. In other words: my diet.

On Thursday and Friday nights they have "date night" where you can go with you lover (or your Annie--that's what I did) and eat your gelato by candlelight and the smooth sounds of live music--courtesy of a real live crooner!

It's great fun and oh-so romantic.

Whether you have a Viva Chocolato nearby or a just some little cafe or Starbucks nearby, I think this weekend is as good as any for a cafe date!

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