September 22, 2008


It's 3:18 on Monday afternoon. My work week is almost over!

Today has been a slow day with not much to do, and I am so ready to go home. Then I can wash my car, do laundry, pack my bags, and get ready to leave for Houston tomorrow morning. I can't believe that tomorrow at this time I will have spent two hours with my parents (barring any unforseen delays)!

Unfortunately, Ike is not done messing with my plans. The people I was supposed to be staying with still don't have power, and aren't staying at their house until they I'm homeless right now. I may have to sleep on a street corner or something.

I find some comfort in the fact that my brother and his wife live within walking distance of the Houston Galleria. I take what joys I can in life.

Most of my time at work today has been spent list-making and map-searching, making sure I have some sort of idea where I'll be going once I get to Houston. I'm not feeling to confident in that, but I've got maps and change for tollroads and a cell phone.

One of our friends from Houston told me this weekend that the gas situation isn't as awful as they've made it sound, it's just a matter of finding a place that has power. And that's getting less and less difficult as the days go by and more neighborhoods have power.

I've got an hour to go and I'm free!

I'm taking my laptop and camera with me, so hopefully I'll have lots of fun things to share over the next week.


And a random photo to bring you joy:

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