September 11, 2008

A Waterspout in Texas

This is really wild to me. How can people witness natural phenomenons so stunning and awesome and not believe that there is a Great God behind it all?

I did not know THESE existed.

I have been a storm chaser from my desk all day long, keeping an eye on our friend Ike out there in the Gulf. I've found my favorite links.

This is one of them.

Last night I was bemoaning the fact that maps of the weather rarely map out exactly where the cities are, and I'm just not that good at geography. This is actually the only map I've been able to find that has Austin on the map.

As I look at it right now (7:48 AM), things are looking a little better for Austin. We seem to be out of the line of fire for now, but of course that can change quickly. I hope that it continues to turn north and all we get is some rain. Plenty of rain.

But tornadoes? Eh...

I went and filled my car up with gas today. All of these radio ads and newsstories warning me to make sure I have gas before the weekend totally freaked me out. I think I'll fill up again tomorrow afternoon if I can. I am seriously dependant on foreign oil.

I keep picturing myself sitting in darkness in the guest bathroom under the stairs, anxiously listening to a battery powered radio.

Today is Friday! Jeans! Huzzah!

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