October 24, 2008

I'll be lucky...

...if my children are even half this adorable.

I look at this picture and think, is it really possible that this child is that precious. After about 15 minutes of gushing and baby-talk last night, Daniel suggested I might consider looking at these pictures a little less. He thinks I'll start to want one right now if I look at them too much...but he's too late.
If I could have a Henrik...

Just stare at this picture for a minute and see if you can't help either smiling, laughing, crying, saying "oogoogoo," or all of the above.
Do you think I might be biased? Because I'm not. I just think he is undeniably the best, most beautiful baby in the world.

I may need to visit Houston soon.

Aren't you excited it's FRIDAY?!?!
I sure am. I'm going to SLEEP IN tomorrow and I'm going to love it. Tonight Daniel and I are going on a double date with another couple to Alamo Drafthouse to see Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist.

Some exciting news:
For a few days now Daniel, me, Josh, Amy, and Shane have been researching the costs of backpacking in Europe for a little over two weeks next May. So far the plan is: Germany, France, Italy, Austria (really Slovakia), and back to Germany. We'll spend anywhere from 2-5 days in a particular country. And we're planning on really roughing it! Backpacks, one pair of underwear, no shoes, etc.
I've looked into purchasing a "Global" Eurail pass that would give us unlimited travel on the Eurail for 15 days to 20 different countries, and it's pretty cost effective. Plus, Germany, France, Italy and Austria all border each other at some point...I think. It's like a big circle with Switzerland in the middle. We're also looking into finding places to stay--like churches and with relatives and what not, to save money.
But basically, we have to start saving now and we have to start saving a lot.
Isn't it exciting?!?!?!
Mom, Dad, I hope you're home next May!

So, uh...for Christmas and birthdays we'll be asking for contributions to the Karen and Daniel's Excellent European Adventure fund. :)

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  1. It'll save you lots of money to shop for food in markets rather than using restaurants!! Hail, Slovakia! Don't miss Vienna, it is amazingly romantic! If you really want to save money, do Eastern Europe instead. Have fun!--Kari