October 30, 2008

Shocker: Sense from a Voter--in the news!

Sharon Morris doubts either candidate will be able to turn around the
economy unless people can learn to "live within your means and to enjoy what you

"Money can solve a crisis problem, but the poor go from crisis to
crisis," she said over a dinner of homemade bread and vegetables from her

"We need to give the poor more than just money. We need to give
them a reason to hope, to set goals, and to appreciate the dignity that God has
given them. We need to be neighbors together, so that we can learn from one
another and bless each other," Sharon Morris said.

Morris says they
wouldn't be taxed more under Barack Obama's plan, but she predicts that
businesses would be forced to raise their prices, so she would feel as if though
her taxes had gone up should Obama be elected.

from CNN.com, Battling for Votes

Bear with me...

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