November 4, 2008

President Obama

While I don't agree at all with his policies (what we know of them?), the man gives a good speech.
A great speech.
This is truly an historic moment! It was pretty amazing watching his acceptance speech. That was a great speech.

Time to pray, as we should always be doing. Time to obey (God), as we should always be doing.

America just elected her first African-American POTUS. Neat.


  1. Actually, America just elected her first half African-American President.

  2. P(resident) O (f) T (he) U (nited) S (tates).

    I had to think about that acronym, too.

  3. i definitely googled potus. nice vocab word, karen. nice.

    you know what else is neat? the first commenter was trying to be PC. They failed. its the first half Caucasian, half black president. what does africa have to do with anything? he never lived there.

  4. Well, his heritage is not several generations removed or anything. His father was African, born in Kenya, and spent most of his life there.
    But I agree, the hyphens just create division. If you were born in America, you are an American no matter what your color.
    I don't go around saying I'm Danish-American. But I could if I wanted to.

  5. Actually, they've never released his birth certificate for public perview. We don't know if he really was born in America...and he grew up in Indonesia...the East Asian parents around here consider him more asian than black. So, perhaps, he is a melting pot and reflective of what America looks like. (Not what America thinks like, though...and we'll see that soon.) Joe Biden, on the other hand, is the consummate politician, born and bred.