December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas to me.

In case you are here because you want to know everything about me, you should know that I am not a huge fan of surprises.
I don't hate surprises, I just don't love them. Get it? Don't expect any amount of histrionics from me if you surprise me. It just doesn't happen. It's not you, it's me. I know. I'm a defective human being, but what can you do?
This is something I suspect I inherited from my father. I don't know if he likes surprises or not, but as long as I can remember he has been a gift snooper. Or he just buys himself a gift and tells us thanks for getting him a gift.
I kind of did that this morning.
I told Daniel if I didn't have a wide aperture lens to use in Colorado, well, I might just die.
So I picked out a super cheap starter lens (no zoom...but fuggedaboudit - only $80 on B&H photography!) and told him that only this lens can save if he was hoping to prove his love to me this holiday season...before I die because of my lack of lenses...

Scheduled to arrive 12-14-09
And not a moment too soon!


  1. are you sure you want to tell us this? Now we will be expecting a lot of pictures.

    P.S. I am expecting pictures

  2. Oh, there will be pictures. Just you wait.

  3. Are you sure you should be speaking so casually about your father making you defective - this close to Christmas?

  4. I was betting on the off-chance that you might have already shipped my present. I like to live on the edge.
    Speaking of which, your presents were shipped today.

    The package was shipped to a remote location in the High Tatras. You'll be receiving your first clue in approximately one week via a paint can left on your porch by a Slovak contstruction worker wearing a red beanie.
    Good luck.

  5. If we have to wait for a construction worker to show up, it will be at least spring before we get the clue....