January 29, 2010

Like a Dog

It's Friday. This day marks the beginning of an extremely busy weekend for my family. My little family.
While I will be charming the pants off of everyone at my company sales meeting (how could you not take that to an inappropriate place? I didn't mean it like that. I don't do that), Daniel will be moving our earthly belongings from one house to another house just three doors down.
I wonder what the neighbors will think?

My amazing, fantastic, selfless Mother-in-law will be filling in for me. I've entrusted her with a few tasks that I am unable to fulfill because I will be at work. All weekend.

I was telling her on the phone last night, rather emotionally, that I was really upset I couldn't be home this weekend and I didn't understand why these two event had to occur the same weekend.
She said calmly, "There is a reason for it."
And I am resting in that. I was feeling really guilty about not being around to help, but no more. It happened for a reason.
Plus, I've been scrubbing toilets and grout and tubs and ovens and stovetops and microwaves and baseboards and freezers and refrigerators all week long as penance.
I wasn't going to let them do everything.

Now I'm simply looking forward to coming home (very late) every evening and seeing the progress. I feel so blessed! We are moving into a much larger house and I am excited about the extra space.

One concern: this new house has stairs. Please pray that no one gets injured while lifting our extremely, freakishly heavy mattress up the stairs. Or anything else for that matter.

Also, yesterday I got the creepiest phone call ever. Ever.
My phone rings.
(A voice that sounds like Gollum, obviously veiled by a voice modulator) Hello.
Long pause.
Who is this?
Creepy cackle
Tell me who this is or I'm hanging up.
Creepy cackle again.
The voice speaks, It's interesting how the mind works...
You can see it, but you don't believe it...
Who is this?!
It's me. (another cackle)
I'm hanging up!

It was Daniel.

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