March 26, 2010

All Day Long it's Somebody's Birthday...

But not mine.
At least not today. But soon!
Of course, you already knew that. You've been racking your brain, trying to think of the perfect gift that would fill my heart with joy.

That is just so sweet.

So far, you haven't had much luck. What to do, what to do??
Well, you know that I like to take pictures, even if I do it poorly.  So what? You love me and you know that taking pictures makes me happy, even if I do it poorly. And you may or may not know that I have a very ugly, nearly useless camera bag.
Hmm...what to do?
Then it dawns on you.
A Jo Tote would be perfect for one such as your friend, me.
But darnitall, you can't remember the link. Or what color yours truly would love and cherish till death do us (the tote and me) part.
Well, my friends, that is what I'm here for.
That is what I'm here for.
Olive, with the vine interior.

HT to Cjane. I nearly went crazy looking for this perfect bag.

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