March 8, 2010

the prototype

I had it all planned out.

I was going to leave the building, the sawing, the drilling, the measuring, in the very capable hands of my incredible husband.
I would take the pictures; I would document through photos the progress of the prototype.

But I soon found out that the boss had other plans for me.

We went out to the garage, and I watched him get to work.
I enjoyed watching those strong hands work.  


Oh those hands...

 I love those hands. 

But as I said, the boss had other plans for me. Plans that included eye and ear protection. And one very large saw. 

He showed me the ropes...

And then he put me to work. 

I was skeered. 

And I think he was a little nervous too, because he kept yelling at me to watch my hands. At least I think he was. I couldn't really tell due to the screaming saw and the ear things (what are those things called?). And I was afraid to turn and look at him on account that I was holding a very large, sharp, spinning saw right next to my hand.

I measur'd an cut them there pieces a wood. Yessiree. 

Then I had to glue some of the pieces together, whilst I explained to Daniel how this picture would be dark because the light was behind me. 

And then I focused on gluing. Glueing? Glewing. I glued. 
That all just looks so wrong to me.

I glued in my gold shoes.
Can you 
See me glue
In a golden shoe?

I think Dr. Suess wrote that.

Then the boss said, "Now we must clamp the pieces together for several hours." 
And then he clamped. 

Then I threw my ear things on the ground and screamed that I was over-worked and needed a nap. 
The boss said we were at a stopping point, and he took me upstairs and cuddled me. 

Then we went to dinner at a romantic restaurant, drank lovely wine, ate shrimp and arugula pesto bruschetta, and talked about our love. And the boss winked at me like 40 times during dinner.
I told him he was inappropriate. 

Then we met some new and old friends for coffee and talked about everything, long into the night and the wee hours of Saturday morning. And it was grand. 

It was a good day. 
And an even better weekend. But I'll tell you more about that later. 

For now, I'll tell you that the best thing that ever happened to me today was discovering these two albums: 



What's that you say? You've never given them a listen?

It changed my life today. 
Try "White Fences" by Vampire Weekend and "Girlfriend" by Phoenix. Or if you love Paul Simon as passionately as I do, listen to "California English" by Vampire Weekend. In my mind, Paul Simon and this song are related.
Just press play and dance around. 
You won't know what hit you. And then you'll want some more.


  1. Delightful! I'll thank Daniel for capturing the "leprechaun" and taking her picture. Thanks for the blog post, my love.

  2. I dont know what they are called, but i call them ear muffins, because they look like muffins