March 17, 2010

Weed Mountain

We've had this weed problem in the backyard for quite some time.
And with the warm weather and rain the problem was only getting worse.
Last week while I was unwell, my mother-in-law and husband took it upon themselves to attack the weed problem. As a result, on Sunday morning I walked downstairs and saw out the back window, a mountain. Weed Mountain.
It covered almost the entire back porch, and was about 3 feet tall. It dwarfed the dogs (although pretty much everything "dwarfs" them. They are dwarfy creatures. Dwarfy). 

On Monday night when Daniel and I made our Central Market run for plastic bags and wine, Weed Mountain was the reason. Rain was blowing into Austin and we were in a crunch to get Weed Mountain into the bags before it got soaked and melded to the back porch.
Daniel had fun talking loudly in line at Central Market about our huge mountain of weed(s). He may or may not have left off the "s" for shock value. It took me a minute to catch on. I was busy looking at Michael Douglas on the cover of Vanity Fair when I heard him nearly shout something about, SO much weed(s)! A mountain of weed(s)!!
I looked up to find Daniel smiling devilishly at me, obviously very pleased with himself. I thought to myself, This is Central Market at 10 pm on a Monday night. I doubt anyone here is phased by the mention of Weed(s). That might work at HEB or Randalls, but not Central Market. But he was obviously being so clever, I decided not to mention it to him.
We rushed home. But only after Daniel had a bout of friendly banter with his favorite scruffy, frizzy cashier.
On the way out to the car he asked me again if I'd noticed his mentioning the weed(s).
Yes, yes I did, and you are so funny.
We made it home just as the rain started to sprinkle. I had to wait a minute while Daniel shook out his gray gardening gloves because "there might be spiders inside them." Then he made fun of my gray gardening gloves and told me his were way cooler.

It was just starting to come down pretty heavy when we tied up the 6th giant bag of weed(s).

*Tonight we have some interesting guests coming to stay with us. A band from the "Slovak Republic" as NPR put it. The only band, in fact, traveling from the Slovak Republic to perform at South by Southwest. We've never met them, and I have no idea what their visit will be like. We shall see.
*Also tonight, Once Over celebrates its 1 year anniversary! Free beer and cappucinos from 4-7. As I was picking up my Skim Vanilla Latte this morning, Rob told me, "I've learned that to get people to come, you have to offer free beer. And to get them to go away, you have to run out of beer. So I hope we run out of beer around 7:00. I don't want this to be an all-nighter."
Wise words.

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  1. Did any strange people approach you and ask you for a price for your weed?