May 18, 2010

Highlights of Weekend Life

-Discovering the amazing world of Indian food at Clay Pit. Twice in one weekend, which was heavenly and a huge mistake all at the same time. Gastronomic overload.
-A mango margarita
-Watching a mediocre movie with friends (Sherlock Holmes - eh...)
-Saturday morning at Once Over.
-Saturday afternoon at Cafe Medici.
-A graduation party that involved Rudy's Barbeque, good friends, wonderful conversation, Fantastic Mr. Fox on a movie screen on the terrace, and twinkle lights.
-A refreshing (but heavy--remember we ate Indian food twice this weekend) run on Town Lake with my handsome husband. And we took a minute off of our mile time!
-Attending a "Public Square" on Bioethics at Redeemer. These sorts of things make me feel intelligent.
-Discovering that Central Market is a ghost town on Sunday evenings, so I can take my time smelling peaches in the produce section without feeling rushed.
-My morning coffee at Once Over.
-Emails from a good friend
-Eating at Polvos with friends
-Looking forward to a long weekend in New Mexico
I can smell the creosote already.


  1. Aw, I have yet to eat Indian food. But I want to!
    Was that your first time? What did you think?

  2. Sounds good! May I ask what you guys ate, what you thought was the best thing there (I'm seriously studying up on this Indian food stuff!) ?