May 11, 2010

What's Better than A Book and Cup of Coffee?

I know.
I haven't been blogging much lately. It's turned into a sometimes weekly event. I'm spending much more time looking around the internet at other blogs that inspire me.

Can we talk about something for a second? Is it strange that it really bothers me that all four sentences in the last paragraph start with the letter "I"?

Today I think the color orange is great. And I love that Daniel and I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox last night, and foxes are orange. In fact, the color orange is very prominent in the movie.
I like it.
And I like the movie. Strangely, I find it calming and just funny enough. It doesn't try too hard. But it is good. The stop-motion animation completely mesmerizes me. I love the little details and movements. So fascinating.
Let's not say that I necessarily recommend the movie. Because I honestly think you might not enjoy it. I was going to say you might not "get it," but that makes it sound as if I think the movie is above your tastes or beneath, or as if I know something you don't. Well, maybe I do. But that has nothing to do with Mr. Fox et al. It's just different. And it is a different that I really enjoy. I have enjoyed almost every Wes Anderson movie I've seen. Don't judge me for saying so. Or do.

Farewell for now. I hope this posting finds you well. Or at the very least, getting by just fine.


  1. It is above my tastes. I've never heard of Wes Anderson, need education please. I just looked at a blog you recommended, I am baker, also fantastic, will try some of your other recommendations. Your number one fan, Love, WM

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  3. The answer to your question is "Nothing."

  4. Perhaps I should have said a "good book."