June 3, 2010

The Blues.

I have post-vacation blues.
Good thing I'll be on vacation again in a little over a week.

Last night the sky was angry and black. Kristin and I peered out the door, debating whether or not we should postpone our weekly walk to Cafe Medici.
It looks kind of dark out there.
I think we can make it.
You think so?
Yeah, let's do it. I'll do it. Will you do it?
Let's do it.
We walked out into the front yard and looked to the West, watching the rumbling clouds rolling towards us.
Let's run.
We set off at a quick pace, picking it up everytime we heard the threatening thunder. Every time we met another runner or cyclist on the road we smiled at each other.
If they can exercise in this, we can exercise in this.
Are we being stupid?
As we ran, we passed an elderly couple sitting in rocking chairs on their porch, waiting to watch the storm.
Run faster! the lady called to us.
We made it to Enfield, about three blocks away, before the large, heavy rain drops started hitting us. At first it was just a splat on the forehead, but then another and another and another until I felt my bangs starting to stick to my skin. We stopped at the light. Kristin saw an opening in the traffic and said Let's go!
But I hesitated.
The next thing I knew, Kristin was on the other side of the road and cars were zooming between us, no opening in sight.
At that moment, the storm hit.
Within seconds I was drenched, utterly helpless, standing on the corner with no where to go, and waiting for an opportunity to sprint across the street. Finally, it came.
I bolted across the street and set my course for the dryness of the cafe porch. I threw my head back and laughed as the cool rain poured over me. It was bliss.
It was too late to worry about the lightening stretching across the clouds, or the booming thunder that shook the trees. I was in it. Right in the middle of it.
We raced to the cafe and came to a halt at the top of the porch steps, laughing breathlessly.
We made it! We were alive! We were soaked to the bone!

We stumbled into Cafe Medici and were met with amused stares. The girl behind the counter was smiling and said something about how it's really coming down out there!
Looking out the large cafe windows you could see flashing lightening across the dark sky, followed quickly by crashes of thunder. We ordered a delicious Toddy SS (the best drink in the world), took a seat next to a window blurred by a sheet of water, and enjoyed the comfort of warm light and good conversation as we relived our adventure.


  1. aw, that sounds like fun! not something I would intentionally do, but spontaneously fun!

  2. post vacay blues are the worst! but hey luck y you going back on vacation in a week! HOW AWESOME!

    and how fun.. i love the spontaneity! WONDERFUL!

  3. p.s. SO GLAD you made the cinnamon bread! i think i could bake it every week just for the aroma! haha!