March 24, 2008


I'm learning that my favorite design style is a mixture between French and Shabby Chic. I love antique-looking pieces that look like they belonged in a fine house in former years. A fine house like this one here.

This was such a lovely weekend, despite some hiccups. We'll start with the hiccups: On Saturday a woman driving a Trail Blazer didn't feel like using her brakes and plowed into the back of Daniel's Altima. He's okay, but she hit him so hard that he bumped his forehead pretty good on the ceiling. His neck has been hurting a little bit too.
Here ends the bittersweet life of the black Altima. It is never fun to lose a car (something we seem to be doing a lot these days), but I was uncomfortable with Daniel driving that death trap!
Despite this unfortunate event, Daniel sallied-forth and forced himself to play a round of golf Saturday afternoon, and all was well.

I spent the afternoon at a good friend's house helping to stain their deck. We sat in the sunshine and talked and stained and it was just lovely.
I can tell that there is some undefinable change going on within me...rather than relaxing and doing nothing all weekend, I find that I am searching for projects on the weekends and only feel good about the weekend if I've gotten something done. I've loved helping these friends getting their house ready to go on the market. Who could have guessed that I would ever enjoy priming and painting garage floors, pulling weeds and staining decks?
Just wait until I get my own house, it's going to be wonderful! Maybe we'll get one that needs a lot of work!!

What is wrong with me?!

Yesterday was a lovely Easter. Daniel and I spent the afternoon at his parents' house and ate lunch with his mother and all of his siblings. After lunch was cleaned up, Jana and I poured ourselves some coffee, grabbed a piece of delicious hummingbird cake, and had a long chat.

I hope everyone had equally delightful weekends!
Christ is Risen!

P.S. If you've been trying to get a hold of me this weekend, my phone has been dead and I keep losing it. I'm sorry! Call my husband!

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