March 24, 2008

Save it for a rainy day...

This is my favorite gift idea ever!
I got the idea from a blog I stumbled upon a few days ago(see below). The layers you see here in these Pampered Chef measuring cups are the dry-items from a cookie recipe. She attaches a small card listing the recipe along with the "moist" items to add.
Isn't that adorable?!?!
I have enjoyed a daily reading (and digging into the archives) of this blog, "My Messy, Thrilling Life." This young woman lives an enchanted life indeed! It seems a couple of years ago she gave up reporting to move out to the wilderness of East Texas, buying a 120+ year-old, TLC-needing, historical house she lovingly calls "Freeman House." If you have a few minutes, you should check this out. I particularly like clicking on one of the subjects under "What do you want to read about?" (on the right) and reading away. My favorites are Gardening and Cooking and Baking. The blog is overflowing with wonderful ideas and brilliantly colorful pictures.
In addition to living this charming life, this woman loves the Lord and she often will offer wonderful nuggets of wisdom throughout her posts. I hope you take some time to enjoy a bit of her blog, too.

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