March 12, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Swedish Fish!!!

I love Swedish Fish. They have this tangy, almost spicy flavor that is just so good. I'm pretty much a sucker for anything gummy. If I ever go on a diet, it's the gummy candy that always gets me.
In any case, Thank You Sweden for your red fish gummies.

This morning I was completely unproductive, and it was grand. I watched last night's episode of One Tree Hill (which will from now on be lovingly referred to as OTH). I didn't quite time it right--the last few moments of the show I was standing halfway out the door to see how it all ended.
Here are my questions:
Does Haley know something about Lindsey that would keep Lucas from wanting to marry her?
Is Lucas actually going to marry Lindsey?
What is going to happen with Haley and Nathan? Can it really be over??
Is Rachel gone for good?
And a non-question: Oh no. Dan is back.
Next week is the 100th episode, so I'm sure we're all in for an exciting show. Oh Tuesday, come quickly!

The weather is particularly sublime today!

Lake Austin hike and bike trail, here I come.

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