March 19, 2008

"Our manure is gold"

I was right!
After heroically trudging through the filthy bog with Marius lifted overhead, who should Jean Valjean meet but Thenardier? And just as Victor would have it, Thenardier has the key (literally) to Valjean's freedom.
Luckily Valjean is rendered unrecognizable by the sewage and blood that covers him...
BTW--what was up with that whole aside about using human waste as manure? I admit, he makes a sound argument. Honestly the whole thing was making me a little sick. He just has to be so bizarre and shocking sometimes.

I'm right in the middle of his conversation with Thenardier and I'm on the edge of my seat!

In other news:

Last night I went to see a movie with my friend Christi. We smuggled in our own candy from World Market (Haribo gummies!). They have the best candy there.

Christi has a friend that works at the theater, so our tickets were free. We wasted free tickets on 10,000 BC. I knew it wouldn't be good. I was mildly entertained throughout. However, it turns out a bunch of people are being held in bondage out of fear of "the almighty" (an albino man dressed in purple robes), and freedom only comes after the slaves kill this figure. Nature and spirits and breaths and winds are the true powers in this movie, and a person is even resurrected from the dead after this crazy old fortune teller dies.
But despite all it's spirituality, the movie was not intelligent or original. They talk and talk throughout the movie, but in the end I could hardly remember any dialogue.
I wouldn't go see it unless I had free tickets. And even then, it might not be such a good idea.

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