March 17, 2008

This town don't look good in snow.

Today was a "nice" day. Work was so boring I almost shot myself in the face. Luckily, my wonderful friend Christi met me for lunch at Panera (dee-lish!), and convinced me that I should find other ways to cope with my boredom. So I bought a bunch of magazines!

Note: I still have 200 pages of Les Mis.

After work I ran four miles on Town Lake, and just as I had hoped, my Achilles Tendon is worse than ever--if today was opposite day!!!
Be that as it may, I still enjoyed a lovely run. I enjoyed it despite the fact the humidity was making me sweat like a motha. Indeed, I feel like I'm really working hard when I get completely disgusting.
P.S. If you like running, put this on your ipod: "Any Way You Want It" by Journey. You will feel like Rocky -- boxer, not the squirrel. Maybe you'll feel like a squirrel.

I came home to a messy house (don't know how that happened?), so I set to work cleaning. Fletcher and Kingsley love it when I clean. They think that I'm coming after them with the vacuum cleaner...sometimes I am. Anyway, they also seem to really appreciate it when I make the bed, although they make every effort to make it about 18 times harder than it should be. But when I'm done the jump onto the bed and lie down, giving me this look that says, "Took you long enough!"

Now my house is clean and I'm sipping coffee (caffeinated!!!) and listening to Miles Davis. You may think you want my life, but it's a lot harder than it looks.
A few more minutes stalking on Facebook and then I'm off to board up the windows. There's a chance of tornadoes tonight!

Is there anything more scary than a tornado in the dark?!