April 9, 2008


Last night was our first night of watching our friends' babies. We arrived around 9:30 in the evening (our friends' plane left eeeearly this morning--rather, it was supposed to if American Airlines hadn't been cancelling their flights...luckily they were able to jump on another flight and are finally on their way. But I digress). Since we arrived so late in the evening the kids were already asleep.
I spent all night lying awake, paranoid that the little munchkins would come downstairs and freak out because mommy and daddy had been "replaced." I mean, we aren't strangers, but if I were a kid that would disturb me. I was also scared that if they did come downstairs our retarded dogs would bark and scare them. So many fears...and they all kept me lying on my back blinking and longing for peaceful slumber.
When the morning came I was glad to get out of bed and wake the kids up, gently revealing to them that mom and dad were gone. I crept up the stairs to the loft where their son Jordy was sleeping. I whispered good morning to him and he woke up with a smile. Suddenly a consternated look passed over his brow and he said, "It isn't day-right owtside yet." I assured him it was morning and then he said, "I'm naked."
Sure enough the little angel had decided to take off his pull-up in the middle of the night and the couch had a lovely dark stain to prove it. This little mishap added a few extra minutes to our morning routine, but we managed to get clean and dressed, take a few bites of Quaker Oats and head out for a morning of Tutor Tots.
Now I'm at work and sitting in front of a computer in bad light on a cloudy day is making my eyelids feel like I have ten-pound weights on them. I better get more sleep tonight...
This is going to be a fun (and interesting?) week!


  1. oh man. this is like a strange preview to parenthood.

  2. of COURSE i love it!!! :) I cant wait to use it for a photo shoot! I just have a gazillion pictures to print already. sheesh! (are you sure you werent talking about the d40 instead of the d80?)

    my lens is nikon 18-135mm 3.5-5.6G ED. I do with the F stop was a little better, but it was all i could afford. still, its pretty fabulous as it is! im so pumped about it!! SO PUMPED!

  3. You mention a plural number of children that you are watching, but you only mention dealing with one. There isn't another asleep somewhere that you've forgotten? Hey, it's not out of the question!