April 8, 2008

I press on!

...despite the fact that I've had very few comments lately. It just makes me sad, and we don't want that, now do we?
Last night, as I was all hopped up on caffeine from the Dr. Peppers and coffee I drank, I decided to pop in a DVD around midnight to help me (and my retarded yorkies) settle down a little bit. My DVD of choice was, as I soon realized, one of my favorite movies in the world: Spanglish.
You may think it's silly and mindless and corny, but I LOVE it. Tea Leoni plays the best high-strung, nagging, manipulative wife/mother I have ever seen. And she's hilarious!
And after I watch it all I want to do is say, "Yuss try iton! Hey!" and laugh at myself. Ha ha. Ha. Ha ha ha.
I actually turned it off half way through, in my infinite wisdom. I noticed it was getting awfully close to 2 AM, and though I wasn't tired, I thought it would behoove me to try to sleep. Even more distracting than charming Spanglish were my two little angels (at least, they look like angels when they are sleeping and dreaming and twitching. Makes me want to have babies).

I can not WAIT to see my wonderful husband this evening!

1 comment:

  1. I need you around to tell me "turn of (insert device) and come to bed."

    D. Greer