April 21, 2008


Tonight I saw over half of my high school classmates. It was wonderful!
We were brought together by the saddest circumstances, but it was such a nourishment to my soul to be able to laugh and joke and reminisce with so many old friends. Some people came from as far at Oklahoma and Colorado! I'm sorry that I will have to miss Jon's funeral tomorrow, but I am so thankful for the few hours of fellowship I was blessed with this evening.
And I think that we were doing exactly what Jon would have loved. I know people say that all the time. It may sound cliche, but even though it was something as simple as standing around and trading memories, I think we honored Jon by doing that.
Everyone was so different and yet...exactly the same. It was such a lovely evening!

Tomorrow I leave for Slovakia! Alone! Pray!

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  1. I hope you made it there alright! I can't wait to read your blogs while you're there:)

    P.S. I wrote a little about the gathering at Jons, and we pretty much said the EXACT same thing. It was wonderful.