May 2, 2008

We're All Dying Anyway!

It's almost the weekend. Approximately 5 minutes and 8 seconds until the weekend. I just sipped up the last drop of water (that's all we're allowed to drink) out of my 16 ounce, white styrofoam cup (that's all we're allowed to use for beverages [water]). I happened to glance down to the empty base of the cup, and much to my chagrin noticed something. Something that was once a floater (mom, just forget the definition of a floater that I gave you last week...that's not what this far as I know).
This is very upsetting.
It looks like what I would imagine a spore looks like. A diseased spore. It's brown and kind of mushy looking. And I'm wondering just how long this unwanted, home-wrecker spore was dwelling in my supposedly filtered water.
Will I have a parasite now? I have nightmares about getting a parasite. It is a deep-rooted fear of mine.

Do I have WORMS?!

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