June 12, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened...

So, today I had lunch with another of my gorgeous, funny, charming friends (I have a lot of those), Annie.
She and I always have a lot to talk about; we're both conversations-over-coffee lovers. And occasionally we like to talk over lunch, like we did today.

We met at Panera Bread, got our food, sat down, prayed, and began to talk and eat--nothing out of the ordinary. We discussed all the things that have been filling our days lately: party planning, boyfriends, husbands, party planning, summer school, torrid affairs, the usual. It was a time of catching-up and laughing and simply enjoying one another's company.
We'd been sitting there for quite some time when one of the waiters came to our table and placed a small paper bag on the edge of our table. He said, "Here's a little treat for you" and walked away. We opened it, and it was ...

Full of dog poo!!!

Just kidding. It was two freshly baked cookies.

Annie and I looked at one another and grinned a sort of grin that asks, "What?"
I think he noticed our expressions because he whisked by again and said, "That's an 'openly practicing your faith' award. Don't stop praying."

Annie and I blushed and had a good laugh, but also appreciated his gesture.
I thought that was a neat little encouragement.

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