June 16, 2008

We Did It!

From Left to Right: Yours Truly (aka the beast aka the tallest one), Christi, Joani (Janean's sister), Courtney,
The Bride!
Julianne (Janean's sister), Ashlee, Jamie (Janean's sister), and Susan
So, remember that lingerie shower I was talking about on Friday? The one I was so stressed out about? Yeah, well it turned out great! I snapped a few pictures, one of them I've posted above. I'll probably post the rest on facebook or flickr.
We had a good time: some good laughs, some fun games, some yummy food. The evening's menu included: Strawberry Janeanaritas, Chips and Salsa from Chuy's restaurant, and best of all, fresh strawberries and a chocolate fountain. We did some silly mad libs about Janean and Josh and everyone got to decorate a pair of undies for Janean (don't ask), and of course there were the wonderful, beautiful, sometimes funny gifts.
After the party a few of us girls (including Janean) went downtown. None of us realized that this weekend was the annual Biker Rally and Gay Pride weekend, so we were in for a bit of a surprise--but we played it safe and sober (mostly), and had a pretty darn good time.
Daniel finally came home from Houston (or Vegas..?) on Saturday evening, and there was much rejoicing. To celebrate his return (and everyone was bored), we went out to Maudie's Milagro with a few friends and had a marvelous time. P.S. If you ever go to Maudie's Milagro you MUST get a Mango Margarita--unless you're underage...then just be patient, order a sprite, and know your time will come. Anyway. I thought I'd died and gone to Margaritaville. I even heard Jimmy Buffet ringing in my ears. So good. It even had real, fresh mango in it!
Last night we had a commemorative Fathers-out-of-the-Country-Father's Day Dinner at Jana's. The whole crew gathered together to eat some smashing Barbeque Chicken and play a few hands of Sequence. It was a lovely evening and an altogether groovy weekend.
This morning I was laughing at myself because I have started watching GSN in the mornings as I get ready for work. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's the Game Show Network.
For one thing, all of the advertisements are aimed at people 90 or older (New oxygen tank technology! Do I need a new scooter? This company will help me plan and cover my own funeral!). For another thing, it's just funny to watch all of those old game shows and see the weirdos that host them (and play them!).
There are so many subtle hints (and some not so subtle) at racism, sexism, and outright "hippiness."
So...I watch Game Show Network and Mary Tyler Moore. There's probably a name for this disorder...

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