June 24, 2008

Having the funk...

...is not all it's cracked up to be.

I've been feeling funk-y lately. I can't quite put a finger on what's the matter, but something just isn't right. My vision feels very "tunnel-y" at times, I'm tired a good amount of the time, and I find myself wishing I was out in the heat...sweating. Why do I want to sweat? Well, if I knew the answer to that, I wouldn't be sitting here blogging about it.
Actually, I'd probably be sitting here blogging about wanting to sweat because I'm always at work. At least it feels that way some times.

But enough of that.

I should probably go to the doctor to make sure I don't have cancer or something, but instead I've convinced myself that I have a vitamin deficiency. So I'm taking some multi-vitamins, giving up sodas for water, and continuing to exercise--which I already do a lot.
I recommend exercising. Not only because you'll have a hot bod if you do it, but also because it will cure most of your ills, I think.
If you're getting sick all the time, you're not eating right and you're probably not exercising much. At least that's what Women's Health Magazine tells me. And I believe.
I think my problem is that I don't eat right. Because I really, really don't. I haven't had a decent grocery-shopping trip in weeks. And even when I buy groceries I'm almost never home to eat them. And they get rotten and make my kitchen smell funky.
And I wonder, how the heck does that happen?
How does a completely non-career, part-time worker never have time to eat at home? I sit and try to think were all the time goes...and I still can't find it. What's up with that?

What I need are some healthy, easy recipes. And someone to write out my grocery lists for me and go shopping and come home and prepare the food.
Is that so much to ask?

I went through this huge cooking phase and it's kind of died off, but even then I was cooking unhealthy pastries and cookies and fatty-fat-fattykins casseroles, and those awful good apple pies. Boy, they were good.

I'll let you know how the vitamin-taking turns out. And maybe I'll even go to the grocery store...

P.S. Kingsley woke up and apparently "did wonderfully!" ...said the cheerful veterinarian nurse on the other end of the line.
My mother-in-law tells me that Fletcher has been enjoying the quiet life as the only dog in a house full of cats. Something he could never do if Kingsley were around. Well, I hope he enjoyed his one day of living with people and mature cats.
Maybe now that Kingsley's fixed he'll calm down? Yeah. Right.

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  1. I will go shopping with you:)
    And come home and help you cook:)
    and then leave so you and hubby can eat it:)

    funny thing is, im soo for real.