July 24, 2008

As Ozzie Would Say...

I'm goin' through changes.

But I suppose you noticed that.

At the moment I'm loving simplicity and a few redish accents here and there. Perhaps it was the wedding colors this past weekend that put it in my mind. Speaking of the wedding, I guess I haven't said a word about it!
Let me take this moment to say: it was beautiful. The colors were deep red, rust, dark brown, and of course, white. What's that you say? Those colors sound rather autumnal? Well they were, my keen reader. The wedding was originally planned as a fall wedding, but the kids just didn't want to wait that long. For goodness' sake, they've been dating for over six years!! It didn't matter, though. The colors were rich and elegant, perfect for an evening wedding.
The site they chose was Vintage Villas, an estate out in the hills overlooking Lake Travis with a lovely event center. The side facing the lake and sunset is a wall of windows, creating a sweeping view of the orange sky and sparkling water. It was just exquisite.
The wedding itself wasn't half bad either. The bridesmaids were beautiful and the groomsmen were handsome (one in particular, oh baby). Janean was stunning in her intricately beaded ivory gown, accented at the waist with a rust-colored sash matching her bridesmaids' dresses. The musical accompaniment was a solo cellist who played a selection of classic pieces.
Now, as some of you know, I had a relatively large wedding and wouldn't change that for the world. But I'm also becoming a big fan of the small, intimate celebrations. There were only a hundred or so guests at Josh and Janean's wedding, and the setting was elegant but personal--and in no way stuffy. As near as I can tell things carried on without a hitch. The guests and wedding party were fed a gourmet dinner and the maid of honor and best man lifted their glasses with touching speeches (that left Yours Truly with some runny mascara). Soon after the toast, the cake was cut and the guests adjourned to another room where the dance floor had been cleared, and we all danced a happy jig deep into the night.
Later, Janean and Josh's guests showered them with lavender seeds as they ducked into a get-away car that whisked them off to the airport where they would leave for a Hawaiian honeymoon the next morning.
And there was much rejoicing.


P.S. I know I said I would provide you with lots and lots of photos...but I ran into a little problem. Although I wasn't an official member of the wedding party, I'm married to someone who was, and that kept me very busy all night long. In the minutes leading up to the wedding I was outside handing out programs. While inside I was seated on the front row, far left, and the camera angle would never have worked. After the wedding I was in a lot of the wedding photos. And during the reception I was at the head table. Finally, I was just having so much fun being a part of the celebration, that I decided to leave the moment-capturing to the professionals and tuck my camera away for the evening.
And I just can't apologize for that! I took a few here and there, and I'll try to get my hands on some so I can share them with you.


Also, let me draw your attention to my blogroll: I've added a couple new favorite sites including The Inspired Room, This is Glamorous, and Bella Pink Cafe. These probably won't appeal much to the masculine readership, but I just love reading about and looking at pictures of people and places more organized and tasteful than Yours Truly. And maybe, just maybe, some of it will rub off on me.

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