July 28, 2008

End in Sight...

...Tonight we're getting the moving truck and hauling off 90% of our belongings to storage, and the left over 10% to the space that's been carved out for us by my dear in-laws.

Daniel made it home safely from New Orleans, but only after a delayed flight and some woman accidentally grabbing his bag off of the rotating belt. Thank the Lord, she realized her mistake and came back with the bag just as Daniel was filling out the appropriate forms. The point is, he eventually made it home. And there was much rejoicing.

When we walked in the door Friday evening, the plan was to grab our things (including the dogs) and bolt out the door for Rockport. But instead, we were taught a little lesson in flexibility.

Earlier that morning I had given both the dogs a bath, blow-dried them, and clipped their little nails. As I was clipping Kingsley's nails he started squirming and I clipped the quick. His feelings were deeply hurt, and his poor little paw was bleeding slightly. After examining the wound, it looked only minor so I locked the dogs up and left for work.

Well, that afternoon we came home to discover that Kingsley had been licking his paw all afternoon and was still bleeding--and we discovered this after he had run across the apartment and over our bed, leaving little red dots of puppy blood everywhere he took a step. We set to work spot treating the carpet and bed spread, and stuck him in a kennel until we figured out what to do with him. I called the vet and she told us to cover the bleeding nail with cornstarch, which would have been just fine normally...only we have nothing in our kitchen these days. So we got everything packed up and ran to the store to buy a little cornstarch for the poor thing.
Worked like a charm!

Eventually we made it to Rockport and had a fun weekend visiting with my brothers and grandparents. Saturday we went to the Aquarium in Corpus Christi and went to see The Dark Knight in the evening. Sunday afternoon we went to the beach and caught crabs and shrimp and other weird things that swim around in the ocean. I have a lot of fun pictures from the weekend (and from Josh and Janean's rehearsal dinner), but I can't find my little camera cord in the chaos that is my apartment, so those will have to wait.

Right now I'm longing for a little down-time. Not necessarily time off of work, but a little recreation here and there: coffee-shop conversations with Annie, movie-watching with my Thursday night friends, one of Shane's home-cooked meals with a glass of red wine, summer tv-watching with Christi, Bible studies, these are the odds-and-ends of my life that God has blessed me with.
Busy life can be good and has its place. Especially because it reminds you of the beauty in simplicity and the gifts we so often take for granted.

I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought;

and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.

~G.K. Chesterton

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  1. I resent that I am second to last on your list of longings.