July 30, 2008


We did it.
Today my dear mother-in-law and I cleaned the last bit of dirt out of the apartment (right now I'm imagining that illustration from Dr. Suess's How the Grinch Stole Christmas with the little crumb and the mouse...you know?), and cleared out every last one of our belongings. Tonight I'm running back over there with my fancy shmancy camera to document everything we did. Normally I would leave it alone, but the management of this place has shown a propensity to be crooked. Therefore, the pictures must be taken. And then doctored in photoshop.
Only kidding, of course. Kinda.
Now it's time to turn my attention to the disaster area that is our "new place."
We've slept there two nights now and I've been restless. I slip in and out of a light sleep all night long, and I wake up the next morning before dawn. Part of this is being in a new place, and the other, big part of it is that we're crate training the dogs. So, my waking up at 5:38 in the morning works out well with the outside pee-pee time schedule.
The dogs are very unhappy with the new arrangements--they don't like sleeping in crates all night long. But I always let them get in bed after they go potty in the morning, so they get a few minutes of cuddle time, which they love. And I love. Hopefully they'll soon learn that whining all night long accomplishes nothing. And hopefully I'll be able to hold out and make sure that this whining accomplishes nothing.
Getting up early has been a great opportunity for me to grab a cup of coffee and go sit on the deck out back in the quiet of the morning. Neither of our two previous apartments had yards or even porches, so I am appreciating the fresh morning air along with exercise for the dogs. They like for me to sit out there with them, but they don't pay any attention to me. If I go inside they sit at the back door and whimper while making puppy eyes at me. I'm convinced that they'll learn to run around outside without constant attention. I've seen glimpses of this behavior even in the past two days.
Jana's built a lovely little arbor around the deck, and the yard is very private and quiet. Lately I've sipped my coffee and prayed while sitting out there. Tomorrow maybe I'll take my Bible and laptop and make a little quiet time out of it.
I'm so relieved and thankful that we are finished with the apartment. Another part of my life as a married woman is behind me and we're closing in on two years! I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but the passing time feels so good to me. It's a reminder that we've been shown much grace, and I know we will need and receive much more over the coming years. Somewhere in the not-so-distant future there's a home and pregnancy and babies and parenting--or not. Whatever God has planned for us, I look forward to with prayer, faith, hope, excitement and an open heart and mind.
But I'm not looking forward to the 2-hour security training video I have to go sit in front of in five minutes. In the last one of these seminars the company president fell asleep and was snoring.
We'll talk later...if I don't die of boredom.

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  1. So, where did you guys move to? Christi didn't tell me you were moving. But it sure sounds nice and peaceful. Crate training is wonderful after they get used to it. It makes it especially nice when you go to someone else's house and spend the night.