August 13, 2008


Post Script.

I've recently learned that rather than just moving to my in-laws for a few months, Daniel and I have also moved to the Amazon.
The minute I step outside into that jungle of a backyard (yeah, the one I was so "thankful" for last week. Shut up.), I am swarmed by mosquitos thirsty for my rare, sweet, apparently very delicious blood.
Last night I took a bath in bug-spray before taking the dogs for a walk and as I stepped out the front door I looked down and there were no less than three dadgum mosquitos on my legs.

If you've been to Austin, you know that going outside in a body suit and bee-keeper's hat is not an option in this weather.

So I walk inside in a rage and inform my mother-in-law that she has the worst mosquito problem of all time surrounding her house (oh wait...I get bit INSIDE too).
She raises her head, looking at me calmly and says,

I never get bit.

So I simply grabbed a syringe and injected some of my own blood into her body to teach her some respect left the room.


  1. you are hilarious. does she have any standing water around the house? or lots of ivy?

    Bugmaster has this amazing mosquito treatment you could talk her in to.

  2. I have exactly the same problem with mosquitos. It's terrible. Thus the reason I wear pants all summer long. I feel your pain.

  3. I never get bit either.