August 1, 2008

The Dreams That You Wish...

The Thursday night friends are back in action after a long hiatus. Daniel and I were invited to Shane's Place (I capitalize that because we've made a funny out of it--based on "Old Gregg" by The Mighty Boosh. In other words: we're just weird) for another one of Chef Shane's amazing dinners. Last night it was shredded chicken, guacamole, and black bean tacos. I asked Daniel to pick up my camera for me earlier in the day so that I could share some of Shane's amazing cooking talents with you, but alas...he forgot.
Which, I now realize, makes us even because I forgot to bring put his golf clubs in my trunk this morning so he didn't have to drive to Cedar Park to get them. Whoops.
Anyway, it was heaven in my mouth and it was also nice playing a little catch-up with Shane and Fos(ter). Unfortunately, Annie was unable to be there because she's off being the amazing person that she is, voluntarily driving to Houston to take care of her grandmother's ailing sister. She's incredible, I tell you! One of those rare people that is willing to do things that most people think "someone else" will take care of. She's that "someone else" who serves and serves and serves--despite the fact that she is swamped with work and summer school finals and signing apartment leases and moving. I told you, I have a-mazing friends.
So we all cuddled up on the couch, the three boys and me (okay, so there wasn't a lot of cuddling going on...but I found it pretty funny that we all sat ourselves down like sardines on the couch), and watched Batman Begins. That wasn't exactly the plan, but the boys were being boys and I wandered off (all 6 feet) into the living room and started flipping through channels.
I caught sight of the imposing Wayne Manor and new the movie was just beginnning. Hence the watching party.
As it ended I jumped up and said, "Let's go see The Dark Knight on IMAX!"
But Daniel used his weekly veto to ruin my life. Well, not really, he just said "no." And I, being the sweet, submissive wife that I am, threw a huge baby fit and he had to take me home and lock me in the closet said, "Okay, sweetie."
After a while we said our goodbyes, and as we were walking down the stairs to the parking lot, I noticed a familiar shadow dart across the wall. It was a huge la cukaracha. I grabbed Daniel's arm and hissed, Look! A cockroach! That one looks ready to fly!
We hesitated for a moment, but I resolved to slip past the vermin quickly and quietly.

Well, you know what happened next.

I heard it's wings flutter, followed shortly by a buzz, signaling to me that the beast had taken flight. And I did what any normal person would do: I started screaming my face off and ducked for cover, nearly flinging myself down the stairs.
Unscathed, I made it to the ground level away from glaring lights and flying pests. I stopped and looked back to make sure my fearless husband had survived the event, but he was no where in sight. I heard a voice over my head and looked up to see Shane hanging over the railing, "What's going on?"
"Uh, nuthin. I just got attacked by a flying cockroach..."
"Oh...Where's Daniel?"
"Well, I don't know."
At that moment I looked down the long hallway to see Daniel coming down the steps on the other side of the apartment building.
I guess he couldn't take it. Couldn't run the gauntlet like his tough wife.
What a wimp!

P.S. Daniel and I are living in Josh's old bedroom, and I've discovered some interesting truths. Like: he was so fed up with his brothers stealing his clean clothes out of his closet that he installed a doorknob in his closet door that had a lock on it. And only he held the key.
Now I have fears of getting locked in the closet and no one being able to get me out.

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