September 2, 2008

The Best Kind of Rest

What a beautiful, long weekend!

I never imagined we would pack so much fun and activity into three short days, but we did and it was great.

Friday night we went out for a late dinner at Vinny's with a few of my Thursday night friends. Vinny's is a sketchy little Italian place on Barton Springs and we had a good time. They actually offered some authentic Italian food...but mine made me sick a little later...everyone else thought it was great. Afterwards we got our hands on a Scrabble board and sat in Dominican Joe's coffee shop late into the night.

I was the only person not on a team and I totally smoked everyone else.

Saturday Daniel and I enjoyed a little extra sleep and then wandered to South Congress where we met up with Shane (Daniel's best friend) and his family. They were exploring the shops and we tagged along for a little while.

At three we babysat for a family in our church so the parents could go to the UT football game. We had a great time with those kiddos, and I got to cuddle with this little creature all evening. Afterwards we met up with Shane's family over at his parents' house and enjoyed yet another intense game of Scrabble (where I was barely beat) followed by wonderful conversation and red wine...until 1 in the morning.

The next morning we rolled out of bed for church and fellowshiped at La Madeleine with many, many friends. That afternoon we met up with our dear friends The Koplins, and Robyn and I escaped for some shopping at Anthropologie with Mandy and our great new friend Amy.

We parted ways after some time and Robyn and I went to South Congress again and got old-fashioned Dr.Peppers mixed before our eyes at a real soda fountain! I got a cherry DP and it was heaven.

We met up with the boys again at The Koplins' for some of Shane's amazing cooking and some drinks. Tons of people joined in and it was great fun until I offended someone...but I don't want to talk about it.

We stayed up way too late and I went home alone while Daniel and Shane had a slumber party with Noah (although Noah--who is almost 3--didn't actually know that he was having a slumber party until the next morning...and he was a little upset about it). The next morning we met back at The Koplins' house for an amazing breakfast and were joined by Shane's family. We had crepes, eggs in a basket, biscuits and sausage gravy, fresh fruit, and pancakes. It was truly amazing. I really like being friends with Shane. For one thing he's a nice guy and for another, that man can cook like nothing I've ever seen! I've never tasted a dish prepared by Shane that I didn't like, and I mean it.

After breakfast we gathered in the living room where Shane's mom and uncle, Shane, Ben, and Chris played and sang for us. It was like our own little variety hour. I loved it!

Daniel, Ben, Shane and I met up with Daniel's brother Zach and his girl friend Lynsey as well as our wonderful new friends Josh and Amy to swim and sun for a couple of hours. Late in the afternoon we joined Josh and Amy for some Disc Golf on a Disc Golf course in South Austin. It was my first time to play ever and I loved it.

Lastly, we went to Josh and Amy's place to rest for a few minutes and then all of us went to meet some other new friends at this crazy Austin taco stand that was beyond amazing and a great way to end a long weekend with good friends and great food.
I've never eaten so well in my life! And I had so much fun fellowshipping with all of our wonderful friends. Sometimes I forget to stop and thank God for the people He's brought into my life through His bride, the Church. I'm so excited about the coming semester and seeing what God is going to do in our community of friends.

I took a lot of pictures on Monday, I'll post them on flickr and FB soon!!



  1. Wow! I'm breathless. You really crammed a lot into your weekend. Thanks for telling me all about it. Love you.

  2. disc golf? really? i have never played but always wondered if it would be any fun. now i know

  3. how funny that Noah hated having his two favorite people in his room. He is such a grump in the morning! I don't know where he gets this....