August 29, 2008

The Barracuda

Well, I'm quite pleased with McCain's VP pick.

And it's a good thing too, because I would've been bitterly disappointed with Leiberman.

And whether it's cool or not to admit it, Barack was making my knees knock a wee bit. People are obsessed with this man.

But I'm feeling better. I like Sarah "Barracuda" Palin. She's got spunk. She's a firecracker. She's prolife. She's prolife. She's prolife.

In fact, at 44, she gave birth to a baby with down-syndrome last April. And she has a son in the military about to be deployed to Iraq.

And most importantly:she's pretty. I'm sure you all noticed, but McCain was rockin' the ugly factor.

You know I'm always honest with you: that man is seriously unattractive.

And Palin is just a peach. A glowing peach.

Plus, if McCain dies (and he probably will. I told you. We're all about honesty here. Just look at the man.), we've got a real conservative in office who loves babies and has cute hair and shoes. And she's a girl! And that is just so cool.

Daniel would just shoot himself in the face if he were reading this.

Oh well. Isn't she pretty?


  1. hahaha! karen, this is hilarious! i especially laughed at the part about daniel... and the cute hair and shoes part. SO important!!! lol

  2. you are silly.
    can we be silly together? soon? like tonight?

  3. You are too much!!! You funny girl.

  4. you are absolutely hilarious and i love this post. it might be my favorite one so far.

  5. And Cindy McCain looks like a Barbie doll someone managed to semi-animate. She's creepy!