September 16, 2008

Mysterious Noises

For the past several weeks now I've been happily working at my new job. Things have been running smoothly and I've really been getting the hang of things.
Sometimes in the mid-morning or afternoon there's a lull in the action around here and things get very quiet. No voices chattering in the conference rooms, many people are at lunch or out on errands. Up at the front it's silent and still.
Lately, and rather frequently, I'll be sitting in the quiet working away, when suddenly I'll hear a loud crash. The crash sounds as if it happens right next to me and always makes me jump...but I can never figure out where the crash is coming from. And sometimes it comes from other directions. It's extremely loud, a sound of impact and breaking.
This has started to happen so frequently that it was starting to freak me out a little bit. I thought maybe the lobby is haunted? Perhaps the restless spirits of receptionists past are here, trying to chase me away from their precious desk and phone. Who knows? Who really knows...?

Well, today I was sitting at my desk, working extremely hard as usual. And it happened again! Only this time it was close to the roof (the lobby here has very tall ceilings). I looked up, and there he was. The culprit.
A big, ugly, black grackal shaking his head from the impact of running SMACK into the window.

Mystery solved.

If life ever went according to plan, this day, today, Tuesday, would be my last day at work this week. But alas, Ike pushed ashore this past weekend and completely screwed up my life.
It's really not that bad, and I shouldn't be complaining--especially while there are people who are now without homes, jobs, and power because of this storm.
All's I'm saying is: my parents postponed their trip to the U.S. by ten years...or a week. Something like that. The new plan means that I'll be taking time off by myself instead of with my dear husband, which is just no good. But we'll get our time off together...someday...maybe...

Next week I'll be off from Tuesday on and I'll be spending time with my parents and I'll get to see little Henrik again (I met the little booger this weekend. He's a prince!). All of these things make me happy, happy, happy.
But it seems like it never works out for Daniel to be around for these things and that makes me a sad girl.
Maybe something will work out.

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  1. "You do not have, because you do not ask God." James 4:3. I didn't know this all knocked D. out of it all. Let's ask the Lord to grant us all time together, okay?

    Love you (and I'm very sad to have to put off our trip for 10 years)