September 12, 2008

Slow Day and I'm a Big Chicken

It's only 9:39 in the morning and I've blogged, like, 27 times today.

That one about the waterspouts was actually from yesterday afternoon but I hadn't quite finished it when it was time to leave work, so it just sat in the editing room over night. Like you care.

There's a couple that occasionally comments on a fellow blog and they are just so....liberal. I always lurk onto their blogs and spend a few minutes snooping around. They love, love, love Obama and seem to really despise republicans and evangelicals--and claim to be Christians. I can agree with some things...the Republican party is not a shining beacon of light, nor is it the "Christian party" (my 'umble opinion).
But these people, my goodness. They have serious bleeding-heart syndrome and it's driving me crazy.
I know, I know I don't have to read it if I don't like it, and I probably shouldn't. But sometimes I can't resist.
And the reason I'm here, writing about this on my blog is because I had this intense desire to comment in response to some pro-choice rubbish and how voting for a pro-choice candidate will accomplish more for the pro-life cause than voting for a pro-life candidate (excuse me, but...wha?!). But I don't comment.
I don't comment because I'm afraid of the bleeding heart liberals that think its the government's (insert here: taxpayers') job to financially support EVERYONE and their dogs...I'm afraid the liberals will find this vacuous, rambling void that is my blog...and they'll crucify me. Blog-style.
And they'd be right. This blog is a collection of crazy, middle-child, flighty, unorganized heaven. I've not really exerted any energy towards taking this political nonsense too seriously...and I don't plan to.


I'm serious about abortion. And no matter WHAT the cause of a pregnancy, I will never be able to agree with the idea that anyone has the "right" to "choose" whether a human life, born or unborn is "worth" living.
I truly believe that abortion is just as much of a murder than a mother murdering her toddler. It is human life, at every stage, from the moment of conception. God is sovereign! And He created the mother just as He knit her unborn baby in her womb.
I know that the issue gets murky in areas of rape and incest. But I can not get around the fact that God is the creator of life, and His creation will bring glory to His name. You from ashes...How can we stand in the place to deem a life unworthy of existence? It is wrong, I tell you.

I always second guess myself when I post such opinionated things. But like I said, we're all about honesty here.

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  1. amen about the abortion thing. its not the baby's fault that his mother was raped or he is a child of incest. their life still has worth.