September 9, 2008

You'll Be Glad to Say You Know Me.

Today I was sitting in the lobby, minding my own business when a young man walked through our doors holding a camera and looking artsy-fartsy.
He approached my desk and shared with me that he was with the crew of the show Friday Night Lights and they were looking for an office that fit certain criteria for a certain scene. Looking around, he said he felt he was in the right place.
I hooked him up with one of our office managers who handles the crazies and she escorted him to a couple of offices that might fit the scene he described. After several minutes she brought him back to the lobby, said her goodbyes and thank yous and left him standing in the middle of the room.
He looked around for a moment and said, "This lobby might even work..." and began to snap pictures with his artsy-fartsy Canon.

Then suddenly he turned to me and said, "Have you ever thought about going into show-business? You'd be wonderful."
And I said, "Well yes, I have actually. And thank you, you're too kind."
And then he said, "I'm actually a talent scout and I think you're the next Audrey Hepburn. Here's my card...Call me."
And he walked out side, climbed into a black stretch-limo and drove off into the distance.

Actually, that whole part after he started snapping pictures of the lobby might not have happened. But he did come back this afternoon and offer me a job. Only not really.
They are going to be filming here, and that's the truth.
Who knows, maybe they'll need a cheerful receptionist in some office scene.

And then I'll become famous and adopt babies from Zimbabwe and have a house on the Cote d'Azur and you'll all be welcome to come for a visit.

P.S. Daniel and I watched the movie Smart People last night and I laughed a little...but when it was over I realized I hated it with all of my being. And those people? They are not smart. They're not even good actors.


  1. you and your obsession with audrey hepburn. so funny!! I can't wait to visit you in the cote d'azure!

  2. karen. i ABSOLUTELY believed you when you said he offered you a job and gave you his card and junk. GOSH! DONT DO THAT TO ME!!!