October 14, 2008


This morning I've had a few minutes free. Since the show last week, everyone has been in a haze. So this week, a few of the main players in our show organization decided to take a little time off to recover.

Have you ever clicked "Next Blog" on the toolbar above? I started clicking through a few and thought it was pretty neat. There are some really...strange...blogs out there, but there are some interesting ones as well. It's pretty amazing to me that there are so many people out there who are blogging, and that's just on blogger.com. There are hundreds and thousands of blogging websites. And there are millions--or billions of people on the internet writing...many times writing about absolutely nothing. Like me.

Some people write poetry, stories, post photography, pictures of their children, anything!

On blogger, as I browsed through, I realized how global this silly blogging thing is. There blogs in all sorts of different languages, displaying different cultures and religions and philosophies..and some pretty freaky stuff. But it's all good.

I stumbled upon a couple of interesting blogs:

These two guys are travelling the world together and journaling their travels with photos:


This girl is going to school in Hungary:


As I continued browsing, a few more interesting blogs popped up. But the rest were more like mine--a website someone might stumble upon by some freakishly twisted accident and wonder, Why, God?

What makes a blog appealing to people in general? I understand, you all are here because you know me and you feel a little sorry for me...and you are drawn to it by some sadistic power, like a train wreck or a severely deformed cat. But take, for example, The Pioneer Woman blog (that's on my blogroll over there on the right). She started out on something like Wordpress posting pictures of her children and now she gets over 25,000 hits a day!

What do you think it is?

If you know, tell me, so I can blog for a living and sleep in sometimes.


  1. haha, blog for a living. interesting. im not sure what makes it popular... maybe if there is something offered, like pictures, or "how to" stuff or, "look at the weird stuff I find" and then a lot of times, people publicize it... who knows?

    i never get any karen comments anymore. sad.

  2. it's almost like you don't even need to travel these days you could just live vicariously through someone else as they travel the world and study abroad.

    i think what attracts me to a blog is first of all the writing. Is person is the witty, creative, do they have good ideas? if they aren't an amazing writer, are they an artist or photographer or just plain living an interesting life. Many of the blogs I read are friends of mine who live all over the country that I want to keep in touch with.

    What I miss about blogging is the anonymity I used to have before certain family members discovered my blog. i offended so many people by what I did and didn't say that now i simply write short, surfacy posts without much depth.

    i often think about starting a blog and not telling anyone and just seeing what happens with it. for the sake of writing with more depth and honesty.