October 14, 2008

Loving Where I Work

Some days are easier than others.

Today Reed, one of the few men that work here, got a package filled with product from one of our vendors to "try out."
Reed always rolls his eyes and says, "What am I going to do with this??" And proceeds to hand out the free product to the many women that work here.
Well today, he got a box full of brand-spanking-new FHI straighteners. He looked at me and said, "Want a straightener?"
Before I could answer he thrust it into my hands and said, "Here, use it and tell me what you think of it."


Some days are easier than others.


  1. dang, fast response!! yay! :)

    I will gladly take that FHI off your hands :)
    (love you too :))

  2. um, that's ridiculous. tell him you want to do further research and pass one along to your friend who has a different texture hair. the feedback might be good, right?

    that is awesome.

  3. While I love my job and all the free goods I get, I'm pretty sure it would benefit me more to receive a straightener than chocolate chip cookies! Ha!