October 3, 2008


There have been some recent developments at work that have Yours Truly feeling hopeful this morning. Can't say exactly what just yet, but I think it's going to be good.

Work is busy with activity surrounding the show. Everyone's exhausted from a long week of work, but they are also excited and pumped. You can feel the energy! It's pretty neat. I'm looking forward to tomorrow and Sunday when I'll actually be able to be at the Convention Center in the middle of everything!

Meanwhile, don't believe that I would ever take a night off from good times! Tonight we are celebrating little Noah's birthday at the Koplins' place. As is typical, Shane will be cooking. He had some great ideas for the party. He'll be making homemade versions of the typical, quick-fix foods that kids like: chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese!

I'm taking my camera along so I can capture some of the action. It'll be lots of fun!

I feel like I am sitting in an icebox with icecicles dripping off of my nose.

Watched the debate last night, it was okay. Sarah Palin was cute as could be, and she said some good things. There's something that really bothers me about Joe Biden--maybe it's the fact that his hair reminds me an awful lot of Donald Trump or it could be that he's been intrenched in Washington politics for 35 years. Why would anyone do that? I could pose the same question to John McCain and his 25 year career there. It just proves that all politicians are doing in Washington is trying to stay there as long as they can. Not fighting for the rights and protection of the American people.
However, the blame ultimately falls on the heads of the American people that continue to elect the same old, crusty politicians over and over and over and over and over.
What I saw last night was that the McCain/Palin ticket is not standing up for conservatism. It was a continued effort to look like it's possible to stand in the middle of the aisle. If it is possible, they certainly haven't figured out the trick.
I honestly believe if McCain would stop running around the issues in an effort to sound like Mr. Maverick (oh my goodness. Just stop it with this "maverick" garbage.), and actually took the side of conservatives, he would have this election in the bag!
If he would have said "absolutely NOT" to this ridiculous Bail-Out, and been a voice to those who see this disastrous plan for the political cow manure that it is, this election would be his.
But he went right along with it. These days when I hear Obama and him speak, it just sounds like the same ticket on either side.

I think Obama is going to win this election.

Oh, help us, save us.


  1. Right there with you. I'm thinking of writing in "Mickey Mouse." Or maybe, "Bob the Tomato." Politics lately make me want to puke.--Kari

  2. I know, it's so depressing.