October 6, 2008

Mentally Deceased

Perhaps if I had any brainpower at the moment I might be able to share some tidbits about the show this weekend with you.
Instead, this may turn into some rambling train of broken, tired, exhausted, over-worked, half-thoughts. I've been at work every day all day since last Monday. Maybe I should have taken that week off this week?
The last couple of nights have been frustrating; I lie in bed, exhausted, completely spent, and I can't sleep. Like clockwork I've been waking up at 3:21 and been unable to fall into any sort of deep sleep.
While I had SO much fun at the show, getting goodies and going to VIP parties and meeting big names in the "hair world," I am beyond tired today! Who knew that the simple act of being on your feet all day could wear a person out so much?

I'll write more later. Maybe I'll be alive tomorrow?
There are only about four people in the office today because everyone else is at day 2 of the hairshow. I'm here to answer all of the phonecalls that we aren't getting, telling everyone who calls that no one is here.
It's kind of a relief. Yesterday was complete madness, so the quietness of the office is nice.

Well, have a good Monday.


  1. "Who knew that the simple act of being on your feet all day could wear a person out so much?"

    Me. Eleven hour shifts at Rudy's on Memorial Day weekend. Haha

    Not as exciting and fun as a fashion show though... :(

  2. I hope tuesday is really quite and that you sleep tonight. can't wait to hear about the show

  3. so stinkin cool. your job sounds awesome.